#AtoZChallenge #Theme #SerialKillers L

Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos, aka “The Beast” (“The Beast”) or “Tribilin” (Latin American Spanish translation of the Disney “Goofy”) (born January 25, 1957 in Genova, Quindio, Colombia) is Colombia’s rapist and serial murderer. In 1999, “I rape and murder” admitted Luis Garavito to the deaths of young people totaling 140. The number of victims, based on the location of the skeletons that appear on maps Garavito drew in prison, could exceed 300. It has been described by local media as “the worst serial murderer in the world” by the high number of victims.


6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge #Theme #SerialKillers L

  1. So sick! Although I always think that we should study these people rather than have them put to death, y'know? Sounds like this guy is still alive. I hope someone puts him in an MRI machine and that we can learn from him so we can prevent this kind of atrocity – at least sometimes.

    You might actually be interested in my A to Z post for the day. It's about a Murder Memorial in Texas – the only one of its kind in the USA.

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  2. I don't want to say that I am impressed. But I am and I hate it. These beings are not impressive. I am fascinated, because in some ways I want to understand how you can do this. But I am not impressed….
    With great respect! A.


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