#AtoZChallenge #Theme #SerialKillers S

Samuel Sidyno

South African Serial Killer Samuel Sidyno was sentenced to seven life terms in August of 2000 for the killings of two women and five boys in 1998 and 1999. DNA evidence linking Sidyno to the death of Pauline Ledwaba, plus his own confession (which he later recanted) proved this heinous murderer guilty. All the victims were found in close proximity to each other near the Pretoria Zoo. Despite leading police to one of victims’ decomposing corpse, Sidyno maintained his innocence throughout his trial.

Sidyno killed by strangulation, leaving his victims under hastily gathered piles of sticks and brush in a park next to the zoo. He had a couple of bizarre murderous habits, such as lining up the victims’ shoes neatly next to their body and re-clothing the corpses, with the exlcusion of their underwear. This serial murdering sexual sadist will be eligible for parole in forty years, though his sentencing judge declared him to impossible to rehabilitate.

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