Why I Avoid The #Writer Side of Things

I like to write. Obviously. But I also avoid all the silliness of it. The worry over who might be better than you or who is worse, yet gets more sales and attention.
It’s the easiest way to lose focus of what’s important.
Wait? I hear you. Isn’t selling important?
Yes, it is, but it can’t consume you. So many bad mouth other authors and reviewers. In the same hand, many reviewers bad mouth authors.
Seriously. Just don’t play into it.

The numbers game-leave it alone. Don’t watch sales daily, don’t worry about who’s ranked higher than you.

What am I going to do?

Write the best book I can. Hope my editors are perfect. And write for me, not a certain audience.

#Publishers Don’t Want My #Book & That’s OK – Here’s Why #ControversialRead

Evidently the first book in my series – “The Secrets I Keep” is too much for the publishers I’ve submitted to. Now, granted, I didn’t go for Big 5, as I don’t want an agent.

And, I’m 100% OK with the 100% rejection. Here’s why:

No one bashed the writing or the format or the way it sounded. Their beef wasn’t with the way I write. It was that this book is going to cause some notice IF it lands in the right hands. As a publisher, this should be good. Right?

Well, sometimes.

See? IF this series gets the notice I hope it will, it’s going to be more than a little controversial. I’ve made some unique characters (in my mind anyway) and some very unique situations – some that are definitely NOT for the weak at heart.

So, I’m actually rather excited that every publisher was afraid it would be “too much” for their audience and worried about the potential criticism and backlash from it.

I’m happy to self-publish – hope it gets noticed and take whatever backlash is caused.

Because I LOVE this series and my characters.


So, I attempted it last year and seemed to feel nothing but failure. Real life kept popping it’s head up and distracting me from what I should be doing. Even then, when I did get the time to sit down and write, feeling under pressure seemed to do little good. So, my word counts were terrible and the quality of the words I did get typed was even worse.
That’s why I decided to pass on NaNoWriMo this year.
Yes, for some people it seems to work. But for those like me – it just seems to make it all worse. Besides, I hate missing too much holiday festivities and there’s so much going on at the end of the year (say Halloween till after New Year’s) that the point seems to be that it’s almost impossible for me to find much time to write.
NaNoWriMo in April or May? That would be perfect. 🙂

#Book Completed and I’m Returning (Sort of) – #Publishing and more

So, I’ve completed one of my books that people will either absolutely love or absolutely hate (one star ratings and trash talk? bring it on)
The problem? The other book that was 1/2 way complete has disappeared. Yes really. Poof! Gone. Disappeared into thin air.
It was on a USB and said USB has evidently procured legs and taken off.
Maybe that means I should simply write book two in this series rather than book 1 in the other series. Who knows?
Anyway, with the misplacement of a very important USB drive, I’ve decided to clear some of my others off so I can back up like 20 times. What does that mean? It means you all will be plagues for months, possibly year with images of sexy guys, bondage, facebook funnies and so on so I can keep them on blog but not in my actual offline storage. 🙂 (You’ll see I have quite the variety of taste and a twisted sense of humor)
You’re welcome.