About the Book

Disclaimer: This is a rough draft. Tagline and brief detail are subject to change.

Tagline: They told her she’d never get out alive. She told them she didn’t care.

Gracie grew up as the daughter of the president of one of the most feared motorcycle clubs in history. When her father was murdered, she was devastated to learn the club voted in her brother as the new president. She didn’t even get VP.

Determined to show a woman could make it in the biker world, as more than someone’s old lady, Gracie lied, cheated, and stole her way up the chain to form her own motorcycle club.

Take everything you’ve ever thought you knew about MC’s and throw it out the window. It’s 2014 and the rules have changed. And so has Gracie.

The writing area

I see it’s often referred to as a cave, but that sounds simply to unpleasant; like one of those locations I’d have in one of my books for torture. I have a writing area and it tends to move from place to place in my home. It’s really fueled by what I need to get accomplished and my mood for the day.

Truth be, I believe that writing, for an author, should be pleasant. It’s what we love to do. So why call our writing location a cave? It should be comfortable and fun for us. Help us to relax, motivate us, inspire us.

I have plush pillows and soft blankets. They’re great for winter writing while sitting beside your window watching the snow fall. Winter’s actually the best time to write as well, you’re not missing the sun. Well, not the overly warm summer sun.