#Write What You Know? Or Not?

We’ve heard over and over “Write what you know.”
I say – sometimes.

I love research and bending the rules – taking a truth/fact and twisting it a little for a new spin that isn’t 100% accurate – but it’s fun (at least in my world).

For example, my military series (oh, didn’t you know?) deals with a team so “under the radar” that I have to bend a few rules. That’s why we write fiction. There’s a little truth mixed with a little make believe.

In the end, you simply hope you came out with a good balance, or something that might just be possible (who knows, maybe even really happening somewhere in some deep undercover operation?). lol

Write what you know? Sure. Sometimes.

But isn’t it nice to seek out a bit of adventure here and there?

Enter the world of the unknown – leave your comfort one.

What’s waiting might just be better than anything you expected.

Why I Avoid The #Writer Side of Things

I like to write. Obviously. But I also avoid all the silliness of it. The worry over who might be better than you or who is worse, yet gets more sales and attention.
It’s the easiest way to lose focus of what’s important.
Wait? I hear you. Isn’t selling important?
Yes, it is, but it can’t consume you. So many bad mouth other authors and reviewers. In the same hand, many reviewers bad mouth authors.
Seriously. Just don’t play into it.

The numbers game-leave it alone. Don’t watch sales daily, don’t worry about who’s ranked higher than you.

What am I going to do?

Write the best book I can. Hope my editors are perfect. And write for me, not a certain audience.

#Book Completed and I’m Returning (Sort of) – #Publishing and more

So, I’ve completed one of my books that people will either absolutely love or absolutely hate (one star ratings and trash talk? bring it on)
The problem? The other book that was 1/2 way complete has disappeared. Yes really. Poof! Gone. Disappeared into thin air.
It was on a USB and said USB has evidently procured legs and taken off.
Maybe that means I should simply write book two in this series rather than book 1 in the other series. Who knows?
Anyway, with the misplacement of a very important USB drive, I’ve decided to clear some of my others off so I can back up like 20 times. What does that mean? It means you all will be plagues for months, possibly year with images of sexy guys, bondage, facebook funnies and so on so I can keep them on blog but not in my actual offline storage. 🙂 (You’ll see I have quite the variety of taste and a twisted sense of humor)
You’re welcome.

My #Writing #Style ~ #MCs #Mafia #SerialKillers #Sex & #Romance

Recently Amber asked me (you can visit her, she doesn’t bite, well, not too often anyway, on her blog, twitter, and facebook if you’d like) if one of my genres was really romance. Should I really label my work as Crime/Suspense Romance?

It made me think.

All of my books have brutal violence (the degree of brutality really depends on your outlook on violence). Some of them involve people looking for love, already in a relationship or married – others simply looking for sex for the sake of sex.


I know. Right? It’s a huge industry no-no to do sex for the sake of sex in books that aren’t stroke reads. But come on. Hear me out on this.

Who hasn’t had sex just to have sex? At least once (and if you haven’t, I’m sorry, but you’re missing out). Sometimes it’s the thrill of someone new, someone who you don’t have to get to know. Someone to satisfy one of the most basic of human urges.

So, yeah, there’s sex just for sex in some books. It’s also a way to find yourself in some situations.

As well as a way to manipulate others to get what you want.

I do think it’s important to telling my story in the way I want it to be told.

Serial Killers. Who would love one. Right? And how would anyone be willingly having sex with them? Well, just wait and see. There is love, romance, seduction, and more – along with gruesome serial killer moments in my series.

Mafia and motorcycle guys and gals can still love someone and be badass (well, no, they aren’t always – but in my books they are).

So, do I write romance? In a way.

I mean, with it, I even have to question if I’m crime and suspense. I could be borderline horror on my serial killer book. It all depends on how you interpret the pages between the front and back cover of my books.

More over, I’m even more excited to see who will take that chance and publish my no-no stuff.