Daily blogging part 2

I’ve done some research and opinions, as always, vary. Here’s some of my favorite details and information.

Jane Friedman says it’s time to stop blogging unless your a new author/blogger. The article of reference is here.

Paranormal author Jami Gold covers the question of authors needing a website or blog at all. This article is here. She feels they’re both important and even conducts workshops on them.

Do authors really need a blog by Belinda Pollard, to me, she seems to feel the same, if you’re not a best-selling author, build up your audience.

But, if you do become a best-selling author. How do you say goodbye? Or do you drop to that once a week thing?

Through all of this, I saw no definite, clear answer. Or how often to make your blog appearance.

Daily blogging

Is it really a have to? Maybe once a week? Twice a week?

What’s too much? What’s not enough?

My schedule isn’t a very strict one other than I have to write for a solid three hours a day. I plan to increase it once I’ve decided on an agent. But until then, I have plenty of time for research, which I don’t include as writing time, and queries to agents and publishers.

This weekend, I’m going to stray a bit and try to brainstorm some blog topics and try to determine how much I really need to blog.

Unfortunately for those that follow me, Twitter is quickly becoming an addiction.