I’m on #facebook ( as well as #twitter )

I’ve had a “like page” for a while. I’ve just never bothered with an actual profile. The down side is that I rely on someone else to 100% run my author page. Which, I imagine, isn’t very nice of me.

So, I now have a facebook profile as well. I welcome anyone to friend me. I won’t report anyone (evidently saying you don’t know someone gets requesters in trouble).

So, you can hang out with me – Profile (NEW)Like PageTwitter


This is difficult. How does one person determine where it’s most beneficial to spend their online time. I definitely don’t have much of it. And what I do is most often spent on researching. I decided on twitter and facebook so far and keep being told I need to be here or there. How does it even help when you’re a new author and new to networking? I don’t have any television or movie deals to put my name in lights. Maybe one day?

I write crime and violence. Sure there’s sex laced in with it, but it’s still not as popular as straight romance.

Where does everyone else hang out?