#Hosts Needed: #BlogTour & #Faceboook #Takeovers

I’d love to book with a number of places for August and later. August preferably for takeovers – no Saturdays – (these can be facebook pages or events). I’d also like to do a tour in October for this 1st book.
–Details: This book may likely be controversial – a love it or hate it. Strong explicit violence, serial killer – strong sex scenes – High body count and not always a happy ending in this series. thriller/suspense series book 1

Then I’d love to schedule takeovers again for a second book during November and a tour in December/January.
–Details: This book will likely also be controversial – new twist on MC/mafia – explicit violence and strong sex. High body count and not always a happy ending in this series.

So, I’m looking to do some blog and/or facebook page takeovers – Beginning in August (No Saturdays) – If you do them, let me know your available schedule 🙂

8/2 @ 11AM (AZ time): https://www.facebook.com/events/689565771149863/
8/5 @ 10AM (AZ time): https://www.facebook.com/events/784202988325245/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming&action_history=null
8/9 @ Noon (AZ) time: https://www.facebook.com/pages/All-About-A-Book-Reviews/612870075513870?hc_location=ufi

#TeaserTuesday #4 – The Secrets I Keep Series Book 1

This is part 4 of 4 in the Teaser Tuesday segment featuring my soon to be released (date to be determined but before end of summer) controversial book.

Sex had definitely become something they didn’t do very often anymore. Lacee always wanted him in bed beside her, but rarely wanted anything more than that.
He had enjoyed the evening with her and the kids and it seemed like it had been forever since they’d all been together. Linc was also pleased that Lacee was in a better mood. He’d watched her state of mind decline as the past few weeks passed. It frustrated him that she’d never tell him why. Just as he did, she kept many things to herself. He blamed his job for his lack of sharing, but what excuse did she have? Lacee wouldn’t want to hear about the latest victims or missing children that called him to his post and he did everything within his power to shield her from the gruesome information.
He drew his shirt over his head and tossed it on the corner chair, grateful she had left the bathroom door open so he could enjoy the vision of her gracefully climbing into a bath. His wife was beautiful. He felt his cock grow in his jeans.
Throwing himself on the bed, Linc rubbed his cock through his pants as he watched Lacee bathe. He licked his lips while watching the water drip down her neck, remembering the luscious taste of her skin. He had always loved her scent and her taste. His desire growing, his cock jerked at the thought of burying himself in her scent. Having his mouth buried in the delicate folds between her legs had always been heaven to him. She had been a virgin when they met and no other man had ever been there. She was his. All his.
Linc sighed and rolled onto his stomach as Lacee wrapped her towel around herself, drained and rinsed the tub and walked toward her dresser.
“No, Lacee. Don’t dress. I want you right now. Why put clothes on only to have to take them off?” Linc knew his voice was raspy with desire.
Lacee laughed as she spoke, “Come on, Linc? It’s not fun to see something pretty on me? It doesn’t make you hard?”
“Baby, I’m already hard. Come over here.” His voice was a growl. Damn, he wanted her.
“I’ll tell you what; I’m going to put on this little black lace babydoll that you haven’t seen on me yet. You, dear husband, are going to lose the rest of your clothes and let me watch you stroke your cock. That is, if you want sex tonight.” She held his heated gaze as she dressed.
“What? Watch me? You want me to jack off for you?” The shock in Linc’s voice was clear. His desire-hooded lids were now wide with surprise.
“Everyone knows guys jack off all the time. Do you think I never pleasure myself, Linc? If you took a few minutes, you’d see. I have vibrators,” Lacee opened a drawer to reveal that it was nearly full of sexual toys. “I’ve used my fingers and the shower head, too.”
She closed the drawer. “We’ve been together for ages. It’s silly to have secrets about our bodies. Don’t you agree? Show me that you trust me—that you love me.” Lacee pleaded with her eyes. She wanted to watch him come by his own hand. “I’ll let you watch me.”
Linc’s eyes widened. While he wasn’t exactly thrilled with the thought of her watching him give himself a hand job, he sure as hell was aroused by the idea of watching her pleasure herself.

“Fine,” Linc muttered between clenched teeth before he changed his mind. He stood and shrugged out of his jeans and underwear. His cock, grateful for the freedom from the confining material, stood at attention.

#TeaserTuesday #3 – The Secrets I Keep Series Book 1

This is part 3 of 4 in the Teaser Tuesday segment featuring my soon to be released (date to be determined but before end of summer) controversial book.

“So, what’s that plastic wrap for? It seems you have everything here covered. Can we take off the plastic?”
“No, leave the plastic. It seems wrong to fuck on my Grandpa’s things. At least if they’re covered, we aren’t actually sitting on what he sat on. And, the plastic wrap is for you. You’re going to wrap me up in a little while.”
She saw his cock jerk in his jeans. She had his attention now.
“Lance, you’re overdressed. Take your clothes off for me.” She walked over to the chair and sat in it. She spread her legs wide and propped a heel on the edge of the seat. She knew it was a nice view for him. And he looked. “Sweetheart, you can stare at me all you want, but do start taking your clothes off. I want to have some skin to look at, too.”
Without a word, he shrugged out of his clothes and tossed them on the floor. He didn’t take his eyes off her, not for one second. She watched as his cock bounced out when he pulled down his underwear. Not bad. Not bad at all. Not twelve inches, but a nice nine or so. She’d see soon enough.
Lance stood there, in front of her, staring at her pussy. Her perfect body, completely naked. Her pussy, completely shaven. Her shimmering blonde hair, draped over one shoulder.
His body was nicer than she had imagined. She let out a sigh. “I love your abs. Your chest is nice and tight, too.” She got up and began lightly rubbing the palms of her hands over the parts of him she spoke of. He was so very hot. “Your back muscles are nice, too.” They tensed as she touched him. She went down his arms and felt the power of his biceps and forearms.
“What do you do, Lance? You’re so well built.”
“I’m co-owner of a construction company in Delaware. We do various kinds of framing and cement work. Right now, I’m on vacation.”

This would be a challenge. He’d be strong. That’s all right. It would all work out. And she so loved a challenge

#TeaserTuesday #2 – The Secrets I Keep Series Book 1

This is part 2 of 4 in the Teaser Tuesday segment featuring my soon to be released (date to be determined but before end of summer) controversial book.

Linc hated that Lacee was, yet again, pissed off at him. After all this time she should know how much unsolved cases got under his skin. This one also seemed too close to home for him.
Add to it he had to consider the effects of everything on his marriage. Was his wife bored? Did she just want his cock? Trying to tap down a grin, he realized it could be for his abs, awesome tight ass, or even his back and leg muscles. He did pride himself on staying in shape.
As he drove to the office, he forced his mind back to thoughts over the cases. It obsessed him.
One missing CIA computer analyst, four missing vacationers, and at least eight murders that they knew of, and Linc was convinced they were all connected. He just couldn’t prove how. Yet.
His cell rang, pulling him from his thoughts. For the eighth time. Ken Mathers, his boss, and very hard to put off for any amount of time. The man lived and breathed the damn FBI and expected everyone else to as well. No wonder he was divorced.
“What the fuck do you want now Mathers?”
“Joy to be speaking with you again too Jacobs. If you were here, I’d not be calling again.”
“You forget, I still have a wife,” as soon as Linc blurted it out, he immediately regretted it. For the asshole he could be, Ken had always looked out for him, taught him everything and promised one day, his job would belong to Linc.
“You’re a bastard. Speaking of bastards, I have Salistans here again from the CIA. They are pissed off because their analyst is still missing and we don’t have a clue, a lead, not even a pile of shit from the guy we can share with them. He wants us to hand the case over to him. Jacobs, this is do or die time for us. We need something. You have to find something. Anything. Just show him we’ve uncovered something.”
“I’ll be there in twenty. I don’t have anything firm, but I’m telling you, all of these cases are linked together. There may be a few people working together to pull them off, but I would bet a month of pay checks it’s the same person or group of people.”
Linc hung up, not bothering to wait for a response. He knew it would simply be more whining from Ken. They did need to make progress on these cases. Mathers was right about that. However, bitching and calling him didn’t do anyone in the department any good.
The agents on the case had been arguing among themselves even.  Ken thought it was a man in his late twenties to early thirties with a younger male accomplice. Linc was convinced it was one person.  Other agents thought the cases weren’t related at all.

How were they ever going to get the answers they needed?

#TeaserTuesday #1 – The Secrets I Keep Series Book 1

This is part 1 of 4 in the Teaser Tuesday segment featuring my soon to be released (date to be determined but before end of summer) controversial book.

“You’re asking for plenty. What about a job with normal hours? It was supposed to be better when you became an FBI agent. Now you’re working more rather than less. It’s nothing like you said it would be.”
As Linc turned around to get his shirt, she couldn’t help but to notice the defined muscles in his back and shoulders. At thirty-four, he was still quite the catch. His six-pack abs proved that even more when he turned around to face her again. Even while pissed at him, Lacee couldn’t deny her all the time attraction to Linc.
“Lacee, I’m sorry this isn’t how you planned your life to be. Sometimes things are just what they are. Do you think I want a model as a wife? I get to hear the guys at work talk about jacking off to your latest magazine spread. I’m a lucky guy because I get to fuck the magazine underwear model. It would be a lot easier for me if you stayed home and were a mom and wife yet I haven’t asked you to stop doing it, have I?”
At six foot five and two hundred and forty-five pounds of muscle, her husband could have easily been a model himself, or a pro-wrestler. Perhaps a body builder. Hell, Lacee would take anything other than FBI agent at this point.
“Lacee, are you listening to me? Sometimes I think you’re only with me for my cock.”

“Look, I have to go take care of a few things. Let’s barbecue something tonight. We could invite some of the neighbors over or your friends from work if you like. I’ll pick up a couple movies on my way home, too.” She tried to give him a genuine smile and hoped to hell he bought it. He’d hit close to home, though. She did love his cock and that’s probably what kept her with him. Well, that, and she was comfortable, too. She’d often thought of leaving him once the children were older, but she was able to learn so much from Linc.

#Publishers Don’t Want My #Book & That’s OK – Here’s Why #ControversialRead

Evidently the first book in my series – “The Secrets I Keep” is too much for the publishers I’ve submitted to. Now, granted, I didn’t go for Big 5, as I don’t want an agent.

And, I’m 100% OK with the 100% rejection. Here’s why:

No one bashed the writing or the format or the way it sounded. Their beef wasn’t with the way I write. It was that this book is going to cause some notice IF it lands in the right hands. As a publisher, this should be good. Right?

Well, sometimes.

See? IF this series gets the notice I hope it will, it’s going to be more than a little controversial. I’ve made some unique characters (in my mind anyway) and some very unique situations – some that are definitely NOT for the weak at heart.

So, I’m actually rather excited that every publisher was afraid it would be “too much” for their audience and worried about the potential criticism and backlash from it.

I’m happy to self-publish – hope it gets noticed and take whatever backlash is caused.

Because I LOVE this series and my characters.