#TeaserTuesday #13 – Demolition Mafia

This is part 4 of 4 in the Teaser Tuesday segment featuring my soon to be released (date to be determined but before end of year) controversial book.

As the guards came to get me for the ending of yet another long trial, I knew I didn’t regret one thing. Regardless of today’s verdict, I’d have done it all over again.
            I wasn’t the daughter of a motorcycle club president anymore. I wasn’t the sister of a power hungry motorcycle club president anymore. I wasn’t the first female president of a motorcycle club.

            I am the queen! They’ll be talking about me forever.

#TeaserTuesday #12 – Demolition Mafia

This is part 3 of 4 in the Teaser Tuesday segment featuring my soon to be released (date to be determined but before end of year) controversial book.

“Khayne here. I’m with…”
“I know who you are.” The deep voice on the other end of the phone was as cold as ice. Christian. “What do you want?”
“I was hoping you’d be in need of a permanent home.”
“You know I don’t do permanent.”
“We’re aren’t getting any younger, man. Any chance you could be convinced?”
Christian ignored the question. “You work for Jarvick’s little sister.  A woman.” Christian made the words sound as though they hurt to speak. As though he were being tortured as they came through his lips.
“Why me?”
“You really need to ask? Jarvick is a monster. Gracie needs a bigger one.”
The laugh rom Christian was nothing short of pure evil. He’d worked hard or his reputation and seemed to never regret a moment of it. “Why do you let her run this? Get your sacks back and be men. Take over. Then you won’t need me at all.”
“Gracie is…different. She’s got something.”
“She doesn’t need to hire a monster. She needs to be one. She can’t rely on others to do her dirty work for her. No one likes a boss that won’t get their hands in the mix.” Christian paused. “Can she do that, Khayne? Because if she can’t, we’ll all end up dead.”
“Gracie will either become that monster or she’ll leave for good.”
“Blood on her hands yet?”
“Nothing significant.”
“You guys protect her. Let me guess, someone else makes the tough calls?”
            “Suppose we do.”
            “Jesus Christ. I don’t think I want to be a part of what you’ve gotten yourself into. Personally, I think you should have stayed in with Povlovic. He’s a mean son of a bitch, but he takes the rap for his decisions. And I don’t think that guy was clean at all after he turned thirteen. His old man saw to it that he had a backbone. Still, I am somewhat curious. How much and how long?”
            “What’s your price? Gracie needs a number one. Permanently.”

            “More than one?” Christian’s curiosity peaked, but he knew now was not the time. “Nevermind.” He named a price, a rather high one even for him and they set up their meeting.

#TeaserTuesday #11 – Demolition Mafia

This is part 2 of 4 in the Teaser Tuesday segment featuring my soon to be released (date to be determined but before end of year) controversial book.

“We need someone that can really enforce. My brother is no light weight to go up against.” Gracie paused with a sigh. “As tough as Rex is…well, he just won’t be enough. And if we lose out to Jarvick and lose Rex in the process, my name will become a joke.”
“Do you really want to go against your brother?”
“You’re the one who turned on him to come work for me, Khayne.”
“I did. You were…different.” Khayne paused, choosing his words carefully. “Jarvick has crossed lines – lines his club can never come back from. You aren’t that, Gracie. What we’ve been doing is safer for all of us. There are only a few clubs in Jarvick’s league, mostly because other clubs fear it. And rightly so. It’s like you lose your…” Khayne allowed his sentence to go unfinished and went back to cleaning his gun.
“Khayne, finish your sentence.”
“My humanity was leaving me, Gracie. No one should be asked to do, or even to witness, some of the things that have become normal in Jarvick’s world.”
“You’re saying my brother is a monster?” Gracie raised an eyebrow.
“Now, Gracie.” Khayne knew through it all that Jarvick was still her brother. Blood and hatred ran deep in the Pavlovic family.
“Answer me.”
“God damn, Gracie. I’m sorry, but yes, your brother is a monster. The worst kind. Worse than any nightmare you could ever dream up.” Khayne watched as a smile slowly came across Gracie’s face.
“You’ll have to teach me to be an even bigger monster, Khayne.”
“What?” Gracie held his gaze. “I left to not become a monster and now you’re telling me to?”
“You’ve been a family friend for as long as I can remember. So, no. I am not telling you. I’m asking. You’re free to leave the club if you wish.” Gracie paused a moment, wondering about the repercussions of her statement. The guys would have a fit if she just let him walk considering what he knew. “Or, you can stay and create a monster of the both of us.”
Khayne ran his hand through his hair. “You’ll need Christian.” He knew his agreement seemed reluctant and hell, it was. But they’d need help to take on Jarvick.
Gracie looked confused.
“As your top enforcer, I’d hire him. Keep Rex and…” Khayne hesitated. Knowing the weight his next words would place on him. He’d be in too deep to ever be able to look back or claw his way out. “And you’ll need me to enforce as well.”

There. He’d said it. It was done. No way to ever turn back now.

#TeaserTuesday #10 – Demolition Mafia

This is part 1 of 4 in the Teaser Tuesday segment featuring my soon to be released (date to be determined but before end of year) controversial book.

            “Jarvick, are you serious right now?” My arms were crossed over my chest as I paced back and forth in my small law office. It wasn’t huge and the window view sucked. But I was only an intern, so I was grateful to even have one at all. “How does this make me look? How do I explain this? How will I ever be credible as a lawyer?” I was almost screeching by this point and my brother was not enjoying it. I was relived he had remembered to close the door when he came in. “You and Daddy have turned my entire life, my entire education, all my hard work – into a fucking joke.”
My brother remained silent as I bitched and bitched at him. Still, I wanted to punch him right in the jaw. “Do you really have nothing to say? Not even a hey, Gracie, fuck you. It was easy to ruin your life? Well, at least you were right. I see it now. I didn’t know everything you two did. I also completely understand why the two of you forced me into college. But couldn’t someone have convinced me not to pursue law?” I let a horrible sounding laugh escape. It was ironic. “How will I explain to future employers why I have this pricey Harvard degree and don’t – wait – can’t use it?” By this time I was so angry, I kicked the side of my desk.
“Gracie, we didn’t want to tell you. It’s why I told you to go away. To forget this life. To get a better one. To leave us all behind and never look back. I wanted better for you.” Jarvick, for a rare moment, showed a streak of emotion on his face. Sadness? Hurt? “Trying to push you from becoming a lawyer would have taken too much explaining. It would have involved you too far in what we really do. You’d have wanted to know why and only the full truth could have explained it.” He moved over to stand against the window sill with both hands in his pockets as he spoke.
“So this is better?” I was almost screaming. “Am I not involved now? Did you think my being a lawyer would never put me in a position such as this? But now, I still don’t know the full story, and it’s cost me years of my life in education and it’s going to cost me my internship – which I’m almost done with – and my future career.”
“You didn’t know what we were doing. You still don’t. There’s been no full disclosure, Gracie. You should be safe. It’s on us.” Jarvick shook his head. “If you’d have just stayed somewhere else. Why did you have to come home?”
“I missed my family. I wanted Daddy to be proud of me. In any case, no full disclosure likely isn’t going to matter. I can’t prove I don’t know.”
“You haven’t even lived at home in years. You went away to school. Hell, half of the time you didn’t even see a sign your brakes. You didn’t move home until this internship.”
“Jarvick, it won’t matter.” I shrugged and let out a sigh as I planted myself in the desk chair. “They won’t see how I don’t know about it all. I don’t see how I didn’t see it. So, I’d even argue that everyone would think I’d have to know.”
“How could you? We all try to protect you. We’re a simple motorcycle club.”
“I always wondered why you when daddy would come home looking all beat up. Then I’d wonder why you’d come in and ice your hands.” My eyes asked him why. After a long pause, I knew I wasn’t going to get an answer. “Mom never said a word and was always quick to hush me when I try to ask questions. How much did she know?”
“More than she should. Debts that he always told her way more than he should have. He felt it would help her save herself if it ever came down to it. Dad always told her to give him an eye out – to save you and her.” Jarvick’s eyes pleaded for understanding that I couldn’t give him. “We both just wanted to protect you and mom while you both have everything you wanted.”
“Are you really the enforcer my clients accuses you of being? He was fast to give you up.” I needed to know if the beast of a person without a conscience was really my brother. A shiver ran through me as I remembered my client’s words about my own brother.
I watched my brother to sit on the couch on the far side of my many office. There really wasn’t room for it, but I had requested it so I could sleep a few hours during all the research filled days and all-nighters I pulled regularly.
“Come sit with me.” He waited for me to sit and then took my hand in his. “Gracie, your clients probably didn’t lie about me. Actually, he probably underestimated what I’m capable of.”

I couldn’t hide the shock and then fear crossed my face. “Daddy new?”

A #Writers Vision – #DemolitionMafia #BookSeries

As I’ve worked my way through book one in this series, I thought I had the initial idea set for the series. As I write – Gracie progresses as a character. Sometimes moving me in directions I didn’t see for her.

With that, I find that I’m remapping out the rest of the book in the series. Yes, while I should be finishing up book one.

What I want is real issues. As Gracie gets older and pushes her standing, she changes. Some ways for the better – others for the worst. Many times she realizes this as well. After all, we do have to look ourselves in the mirror at least once a day. Do any of us really always like the reflection looking back at us?

As the series moves forward, Gracie will struggle with the choices she’s forced to make along with the consequences brought about by those choices. She’ll also struggle with losing some of her closest friends as well as family. She’ll also meet and have to face her own demons about how she feels about herself as she ages.

Yes, this series is mafia and motorcycle club related – but the characters will face their own every day struggles within themselves as well.